# How to Upload an Enterprise Application to the Esper Cloud?

To upload an APK for an Enterprise application to the Esper cloud perform the following:

Step 1: Click Upload Apps in the top right corner of the screen.

Upload Apps

Step 2: In a popup box, drag the APK file for your Enterprise application or select the file from your computer; click Select APK. The system will allow you to browse and choose the APK file. Select the desired file from your local computer.

Select APK

Step 3: A screen will display a message "The application’s upload is in progress."


Step 4: When the upload completes, you will notice an automatically generated release tag and an option to add a description. Here you can add text describing the application and then click Save. On clicking the edit icon, you will get an option to edit the release tag. When done, click Save.

Adding a description and a release tag is optional; you can skip this step and directly go to the next step.


Step 5: Click Close or click outside of the window to exit the 'Application Upload' screen. Once successfully uploaded, the "Esper Cloud Apps" section will show your Enterprise application.

Appliaction added

# APK file upload conditions

All application APK files must adhere to certain conditions to succeed in uploading and provisioning:

  • The APK must have a unique version name and number.
  • The APK cannot be larger than 500 MB.
  • The APK file itself must have the .apk extension.
  • The APK file must include signature verification.
  • The application cannot set itself as the default launcher; this will cause conflict with the Esper Agent (DPC).
  • The application must adhere to the latest Android APK standards (currently we allow APKs without icons).

If you attempt to upload an APK file that has a V2 or V3 signature, but not a V1 signature, it will be rejected. Older Android platforms—those running Marshmallow (6.0) and earlier—require v1 signatures.