# How to Add or Modify the Company Code?

You can enter two 3-letter codes called short code in the 'Company Settings' tab. Short codes can be an abbreviation for your company name and location. You can also customize the code.

Your short codes become a prefix to the name of all devices you control in Esper.

Company code

In this example, ESP is a three-letter abbreviation for our company, Esper. DOC signifies the documentation team.

You can change your shortcode after you’ve provisioned devices. The devices provisioned before the change will display the old shortcode prefix. The new shortcode will be displayed in the Esper Console and used for API, SDK, and CLI calls.

Step 1: Click the profile icon at the top right corner of the Console. Choose ‘Company Settings’ from the drop down.

Company profile

Step 2: Click the Edit Profile button and make the necessary changes to your profile and then click Save.

Edit profile