# How to Manage the Compliance Policy on a Single Device?

You can change the compliance policy applied to a device via view details for the device.

Compliance policy changes can only be applied to the online device.

# Apply a New Compliance Policy on a Single Device

To install a new compliance policy on the device, select the policy from the dropdown menu. You need to first create a compliance policy to have it available in the dropdown.

Compliance policy

Step 1: Inside the "Compliance" tab, you will have an option to select and apply a new compliance policy.

New policy

Step 2: Choose the policies from the drop-down.

search policy

Step 3: Preview the policy for correctness.


Step 4. Once verified, click on Apply Policy button.

Apply policy

Step 5: A success message will be displayed after the new compliance policy is deployed on the device.


Click here to learn how to create a new compliance policy.