What is a Supervisor Plugin?

Android OS has different permissions to restrict certain actions and data access for applications. For security reasons, these permissions limit control/access to system-level details. While the applications can access all the System (opens new window) settings, Android restricts access to Secure (opens new window) and Global (opens new window) settings along with special permissions like event injection (used for remote control), APN configuration, etc. Thus requiring a platform signature for the apps.

Working with the device manufacturers, Esper has a solution for you to make these functionalities work —Supervisor Plugin. It allows the Esper Agent to access deep into the Android OS and access system-level permissions.

# Some global setting exceptions

While most global settings require the plugin, below is a list of some global settings that do not require the plugin:

  • "adb_enabled": enable/disable ADB over USB

  • "auto_time": automatically sets the device's UTC system clock

  • "auto_time_zone": automatically sets the device's timezone

  • "data_roaming": enable/disable data roaming

  • "usb_mass_storage_enabled": enable/disable USB mass storage to transfer files

  • "wifi_sleep_policy": set the policy for when Wi-Fi should go to sleep

  • "stay_on_while_plugged_in": set the device ON/OFF when it is plugged in

  • "wifi_device_owner_configs_lockdown": control lock for the Wi-Fi configurations created by a Device Owner app

  • "bluetooth_on": enable/disable Bluetooth

  • "development_settings_enabled": check whether the user has enabled development settings

  • "network_preference": user preference for the network(s) use

  • "wifi_on": enable/disable Wi-Fi

# Getting a Supervisor Plugin

If your application uses secure or global Android settings, depending on your devices — Lenovo TBX-606L, Nokia2.2, etc., you might need a Supervisor Plugin. At Esper, we have a library of Supervisor Plugins, and we can also help you build a customized one.

Note: Depending on your device, you may need a Supervisor plugin to enable the Remote Control functionality on the Console. To learn more and request a Supervisor Plugin, please reach out to the Esper team (opens new window) with your device model information.