# How to Create a New Pipeline?

Step 1: Log in to the Console and navigate to the Pipeline menu from the left pane. To create a new pipeline, click Create Pipeline on the landing page.

create pipeline

Step 2: The Console will create a pipeline with 1 stage. The pipeline will adopt its name from the creation date and time by default. Here you can edit the pipeline details.

create pipeline

Step 3: Click Edit Properties.

edit properties

Enter a different name and a description for the newly created pipeline on the modal. Click Update.

edit details

Step 4: To add an operation, click the “Operation” link.


Choose the operations and the version from the menu list and click Add. The added application will be displayed to the right.

select Operation

Step 5: Click Target to add devices.

select target Select the device you wish to push the update to.

select device

Your pipeline is now created and ready to run.

You can select group as a target. Select groups from the drop-down (select target). Click the group name to add sub-groups.