# How to Create a New Pipeline?

Step 1: To create a new pipeline, click New Pipeline.

New pipeline creation button

Step 2 The Console will create a pipeline with 1 stage. Here you can edit the pipeline details.

New pipeline creation screen

Step 3: You can edit a name and a description for the newly created pipeline.

edit pipeline details

Step 4: To add an operation, click the “Add Operation” link.

add operations

Step 5: On the pop-up, select the ‘App.’

If you select the ‘App’ tab, select the application and the version, and click the Add Application button.

add operations

The added application will be displayed.

add operations

You can add more applications. Once done, click the Done button.

Step 6: On the created pipeline, you can see the operations you added.

add operations

Step 7: Click the” Add Target” link to select the devices or groups.

add targets

Step 8: On the pop-up, select the devices or groups. Click Add to select the device. Click Remove to remove the selected device.

add targets

Use the switch to move between groups and devices. Click Done when you have chosen the required devices or groups.

add targets

You can add a list of devices or groups in one stage but not both.

Step 9: The created pipeline is displayed on the ‘Pipeline’ landing page.

created pipeline