# What are the Available Actions on Template Tiles?

Clicking on the ellipses (...) at the top right of one of the template tiles opens a pop-up menu that enables you to take the following actions on that template:

  • Preview
  • Edit
  • Duplicate
  • Upload IMEI CSV
  • Download Config
  • Delete


# Preview

Click Preview to preview the Provisioning Template. Click on the ‘^’ sign to expand each section.


You can not edit the template using Preview.

# Edit

To edit a template, click Edit. You can update the Policy, Applications, Settings, Group, and Manage Devices options as you wish. The edit screen will take you through steps to make changes. Clicking on the Next button, you will be able to access the following setting. To save your changes, click on the Update button on the ‘Preview’ page.


The Cancel button will take you back to the ‘Provisioning Templates’ landing page.

# Manage Devices

The Manage device section is added only when you are editing a template.

manage devices

This section is not available when you create a new template.

You can add, upload or download IMEI or serial number through a CSV file using the Manage Devices section. You can now upload CSV files with up to 3000 IMEI/ Serial numbers to the template. This limit allows you to provision a large number of devices at once. You can delete IMEI/Serial numbers from the CSV table. Please click here to download a sample CSV.

If the IMEI/Serial number is on another template, Esper will confirm if you want to move the device to the new template.

Clicking on the Take a Tour button gives you a walkthrough of how to upload an IMEI/Serial number CSV file.

Duplicate entries are not allowed. In duplicate entries, the list of duplicate IMEI/serial values (same template, different template, different endpoint) from the uploaded CSV file is returned.

The Next button will take you to the “Preview” screen. Clicking on the Back button will bring you to the “Groups” screen. You can exit the editing template mode by clicking on the Cancel button.

# Duplicate

To copy a template, click Duplicate.


You can then rename the template and update the Policy, Applications, Branding, Settings, Group, and Add Devices options using the Edit option. To save your changes, click on the Update button on the Preview page.

Any IMEI or Serial Numbers included in the original template will not be carried over to the duplicated template.

A toast message, on the bottom right, will indicate success or failure in duplicating a template.

# Upload IMEI CSV

To upload a set of IMEI/Serial numbers for devices you want to provision using Android for Work, or for Esper Foundation for Android devices with this template, you can drag a file or browse a file from your computer. Click Done to upload the file. Click Cancel to return to the provisioning template landing page.


To learn more about Upload IMEI CSV check the link below:

Uploading multiple IMEI/Serial numbers to a template for IMEI Provisioning

# Download Config

Clicking 'Download Config' will enable you to download the config.json file for use during Android Debug Bridge (ADB) and by IMEI-based provisioning methods. Please don't hesitate to contact us (support@esper.io) if you have any questions.

# Delete

Selecting the’ Delete' option will delete a selected template. You will be prompted to verify your choice.


When you click on the Delete Template button, the selected template will be deleted. If you click on the Cancel button, you will be brought back to the ‘Provisioning template’ landing page.

You will still be able to view the policy, applications, and settings of the template when viewing a device previously provisioned using that template.