# How to View a Daily Reports?

Esper automatically generates a daily report for your device fleet. The Reports section lists available daily reports. The most recent reports are filed at the top of the list. To view a daily report, click the View icon or click 'Daily Reports' link under Report type.


The daily report is generated for the specifioed day based on the Console time.

The Daily Report lists the following information:

  • The number of registered device on your endpoint- total count of unique devices provisioned to Esper.
  • The peak number of active devices- maximum count of active devices.
  • Number of the newly provisioned devices- the devices provisioned in the last 72 hours.

daily report

For each device group, it also lists:

  • Number of registered devices
  • Number of online devices
  • Number of offline devices
  • Newly provisioned devices

Clicking '>' next to one of the groups provides additional detail about the devices in that group.

more details

The additional details view lists the following data for each device:

  • Device name
  • Serial number
  • Status
  • Registration date
  • Location on the report date
  • Recent changes to device location
  • Brand
  • Model
  • Any tags assigned to the device