What are the Firewall Requirements?

Dedicated devices are often behind corporate firewalls, preventing Esper's backend from communicating with them (or vice-versa). Please make sure to whitelist the following URLs and Ports if your fleet runs behind such a firewall.

FQDNs Ports Features
*.amazonaws.com TCP: 443 (HTTPS), TCP: 8883 (MQTT) For provisioning, app management and device management
mqtt.shoonyacloud.com TCP: 1883 (MQTT) For MQTT communication with devices
services.shoonyacloud.com TCP: 443 (HTTPS) Provisioning services and Remote Viewer APK
turn.shoonyacloud.com TCP/UDP: 3478 (SCTP), TCP/UDP: 5349 (SCTP), UDP: 49152 - 65535 For Remote Viewer and Remote Control services
dpcdownloads.esper.cloud TCP: 443 (HTTPS) For the 6-tap QR code method of provisioning and Remote Viewer APK
[customer endpoint].esper.cloud TCP: 443 (HTTPS) Grants access to the Esper Console when operating under a network with a restricted outbound firewall
[customer endpoint]-api.esper.cloud TCP: 443 (HTTPS) For communicating from the device to the Esper Endpoint. (example: device status events and command success/failure messages)
mqtt-telemetry-prod.esper.cloud TCP: 1883 (MQTT) Deep telemetry from devices
mqtt.esper.cloud TCP:8883 (MQTT over ssl) For MQTT communication to devices for commands (with TLS)
IP: TCP: 40000 - 50000 For allowing secure remote ADB access to your devices
firebaseinstallations.googleapis.com and fcm.googleapis.com TCP: 443 (HTTPS), TCP: 5228 (HTTPS), TCP: 5229 (HTTPS), TCP: 5230 (HTTPS) Backup channel, also used for ping command to wake up a device (Only for GMS devices)
IP: TCP: 443 (HTTPS) For verifying internet connectivity on the device

For static IP, please get in touch with Esper